Python is the best

Why Python is one of the most popular programming languages


3/3/20231 min read

Python is a very interesting language.

1 ) python's syntax is simpler as compared to Java it require less number of lines of code as compared to Java.

2) python determines the data type at run time and it is slower in speed as compared to Java because it is an interpreted language

3) python is generally not used in enterprise applications because it's database layer is weaker as compared to Java

4) java does not support multiple inheritance multiple inheritance is banned in Java while Python supports multiple inheritance.

5) compiler can detect and change the data type of the variables but that is not allowed in Java by also Python is dynamically typed by Java is statically typed

6) in Python we do not need to declare the data type of the variables while in Java we have to declare the data types of the variables

7) has a unique indentation format

When it comes to security Java is prefer to python because it has better authentication features.

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